Inspection & Repair Services

Specialised Services

  • Drilling Rig Structures, Padeye Registers
  • Drill Pipe and BHA – Cat. 1 – 5 all available standards
  • Down Hole Rotary Tools
  • Handling Equipment
  • Fishing Tools
  • Casing, Tubing, Coring
  • Pressure Vessels & Receivers (AICIP)
  • Gauge and PRV Certification
  • Asset Preservation
  • ID/OD High pressure clean/blasting
  • Audit – New and Used Oil Field equipment
  • Lifting Equipment Inspections (LGI)

NDT Services

  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Dye Penetrant, Colour Contrast and Ultraviolet
  • Magnetic Particle, Colour Contrast and Ultraviolet
  • Eddy Current weld examination
  • EMI Logging – Drill Pipe / Casing / Tubing inspection 2-3/8” up to 6-5/8”
  • UTEA – Ultrasonic End Area (DS-1 Cat. 5)
  • Ultrasonic Thickness examination
  • Ultrasonic Shaft and Pin examination
  • Ultrasonic Weld examination
  • Visual Inspection

Mobile Repair Services

Exodrill offers a range of in-field services specifically designed to reduce logistics and machine shop costs, whilst increasing asset service life and reducing costly downtime. Exodrill does this by providing in-field thread repair, API connection refacing, double shoulder refacing and field hard banding services in line with API, NS2, DS-1 and the relevant manufacturing standards.

Field Thread Repair
Exodrill uses a combination of manual and mechanical machinery to field repair threads in line with industry standards.

API Field Refacing
Exodrill offers in-field refacing and post treatment of all API connection sizes.

Double Shoulder Refacing
Exodrill uses its patented double shoulder refacing technology to perform refacing on both the seal face and mechanical shoulder whilst keeping all critical dimensions within specification. All machined surfaces are subject to post treatment.

Exodrill offers portable field hardbanding services and has highly skilled tradesman certified to apply Arnco 350XT, Arnco Non Mag and TCS-Ti.

Other Services

Machine Shop Post Repair Inspection
Exodrill’s goal is to ensure you receive the quality service and product you paid for. This includes close visual examination to ensure benchmarks are appropriately cut to enable field repairs, cold working has been performed and stamped, phosphating meets industry standard, and all other connection attributes have been machined to meet industry standards.

Tubular Storage
Exodrill offers tubular storage and management at all its key locations (SA, WA, QLD). This includes handling, preservation, maintenance, and ongoing monitoring of your assets. This enables shorter inspection times and a higher success rate to ensure you meet the timeline and requirements of your next project.

Exodrill’s senior team has over 100 cumulative years’ experience in the NDT OCTG industry and offers professional consultancy services. Using the latest technologies, industry standards and experience, our team can provide you with the best advice to keep your project on track.

Reporting and Certification
Exodrill is an industry leader with modern, onsite, live, digital reporting and certification. All assets are photographed with detailed damage reporting to ensure full transparency.

Third Party Inspection / QAQC
Exodrill performs third party inspection quality assurance and quality control. Through qualitative and quantitative reporting, our assessors ensure all inspections services and certificates meet consumer expectations and align with or exceed industry standards.

ID Blasting
Exodrill offers high volume and high pressure I.D blasting services. Including but not limited to; mud lines, pressure iron, flexi hoses and drilling tools.