ExoDrill celebrates 3 Years of No Lost Time Injuries

At ExoDrill, we have recently achieved a tremendous result of zero lost time injuries (LTI’s) for the last three years. This includes over 106,000 hours on site and 6,300 field man days.

Our commitment to safety is without question, there is nothing more important than knowing that each of our Team Members make it home each day in the same condition they arrived to work. It is a commitment to this vision that has driven us to implement new safety management systems, risk assessment processes and job safety analysis. Each employee has played their part in improving the safety of our workplace and that of our field-based operations.

We have achieved this three years with no serious injury, during a time when we have built the company and continued to expand in to new sites with new clients. We will continue to work with our clients to provide safe teams and a safety focussed culture at all times.

No Loss Injury TIme








Congratulations to all of our staff for their commitment, we look forward to building on this milestone in to the future.